"Paul is a wonderful guitar teacher for all ages, especially young people. He is so patient and friendly and will help you to learn guitar no matter what level you are at. Best of all, you can play the kind of music that you enjoy so that guitar playing is fun. He is very knowledgeable about music and easy to talk to as well. I would highly recommend him!"
Natascha Biebow MBE

"Paul has a great take on teaching and will lead you into areas which challenge your ability and ultimately make you a better player. Just pick a musical style or genre that interests you and he will happily show you the way. He has all the gear/stuff/guitars/pedals etc. to illustrate different musical styles from acoustic to - well wherever you want to go. Top fella"
Chris Nash

"Probably the best guitar tutor I've had. Pleasant and relaxed style. Old enough to know the classics and young enough to know recent stuff, so very versatile in all styles. Well versed in classic amps. Nice house and friendly dog too!"
Ian Stuart

"Paul is a wonderful, patient, versatile and knowledgeable teacher. He's what I call "a proper guitar tutor" in that he not only knows his practical, but his theory too, and he's put in the work and studied at a high level to get to where he is. He knows how to tailor lessons for an individual's needs and ability and manages to retain your interest and feed your enthusiasm for the instrument. I came on leaps and bounds with Paul and it doesn't just stop there. The perfect and sound advice about equipment purchases have saved me time, money and enabled me to get close in sound to the players and songs we've studied. Thoroughly recommended for any level. Oh, and did I mention he's a monster player too!"
Costas Nicolaou

"If you are looking for a very knowledgeable, technical teacher who is a genuinely nice guy you have come to the right place. I have been learning with Paul for over 2 years now and we have covered a range of genres from blues to country, technical knowledge from modes to chord harmonisation, and a range of techniques from country picking to some sweeps. I cannot recommend Paul enough, I have always left a lesson feeling challenged yet motivated to get better. It's a simple decision if you want to improve your guitar skills and knowledge! "
Oscar Witcher

"I have been learning to play the guitar for around a year now and have had weekly lessons with Paul pretty much from the start. I have found Paul to be deeply knowledgable, patient and enthusiastic. Paul provides encouragement and focus to my playing and is quick to spot issues which can so easily turn into bad habits. Above all Paul makes playing and learning fun, so important when trying to progress past the sometimes frustrating early stages. "
Nigel Triner

"I have begun to play the acoustic guitar and study music for the first time at the ripe old age of 36. I have found Paul to be an excellent guide, teacher and friend, who is sensitive to my fledgling musical confidence, but who is also able to encourage me to push myself further. He is inspired by music, which goes a long way in enthusing his students to follow his lead, and follow the same passion in themselves. He is quiet and unassuming, and very helpful in suggesting ways to add music in the rest of my non-musical busy life. I would highly recommend him to others who may have quietly admired music from a distance all their lives, and may be waiting for the right guru to take their interests forward. It can happen!"
Muzaffar Husain

"Paul has been my guitar teacher since I received my first guitar for my 13th birthday in 2012. He is brilliant! He has a huge knowledge of music, both of what I like and of music that I have heard from my parents and am interested in learning more about. It is great to discuss different songs and styles and artists and he is always happy to work on songs outside the grade exams. He is very patient, really encouraging and fun. I am working on Rockschool grades (distinction in Grade 1, thanks Paul) and I will continue learning with him for a long time yet. I really look forward to my lessons every week. Anyone wanting to learn guitar should contact Paul! "
Owen Finnie

"Before my lessons with Paul I could already play the guitar reasonably well (in a copy-cat kinda way) but I wanted to reach a more advanced level being able to improvise over various chord progressions & developing my overall understanding in music. Filtering through potential guitar tutors Paul really stood out to me having qualified in California at the Musicians Institute (GIT) the top place from my understanding. What makes Paul a great tutor though isn't all his qualifications but the way he tailors his lessons to your needs never laboring too long on one idea but keeping the lessons fresh with different approaches to your difficulties. Although quick to point out where you maybe going wrong he does it in away that doesn't knock your confidence building on what you already know. I've found that 99% of the guitarists I meet are really nice guys, & Paul, well, he's one of the best."
James Padwick

"I've had some great guitar lessons from Paul over the years, and always admire his knowledge of music, he always impresses me. I've asked him to teach me to play and read music in jazz, R&B, Rock to easy listening and found his knowledge limitless. He's a way of making me feel relax and comfortable during a lesson and would check in with me to sure I'm alright. His practical skills, theory and good advice about guitars and related equipment are very helpful, it's allowed me to avoid unnecessary cost and possible equipment I may not need. He has infused my knowledge in wanting to play most types of music. He is one of the best guitar teachers I know."
Don McGregor

"I had 2 guitar teachers before Paul and to be honest they were both rubbish. The one had no structure to his teaching and the other only wanted to teach me songs he liked to play. My guitar playing went nowhere! Then a friend recommended Paul and I haven't looked back for 2 years now. Paul is an amazing guitar player and tutor. He gives me the structure but also the freedom to go in whatever direction I like. From not playing the guitar 3 years ago I'm now playing regular gigs with my band. What more could I want? He's also helped me immensely with equipment purchases (guitars, amps, pedals etc). If you're looking for a guitar tutor then I highly recommend Paul. He will really help you become the guitar player you want to be!"
Evan Hurwitz

"I have tried other guitar tutors but Paul Tugwell is by far the best I have come across. He has a broad knowledge of all genres of music (electric and acoustic) and tailors each lesson to what you would like to play rather than the standard book/start at page 1 etc. What ever you say goes. Polite, well spoken, clear explanations of technique and never cancels your lesson when arranged. Always happy to explain and go through any parts of guitar playing from equipment set-up to theory. He has an expert knowledge on guitar equipment and always guides me in the right direction if I am about to make a purchase for my own personal set-up. I recommend Paul to any of my friends that are thinking of taking up the guitar or building on the skills they already have. You really couldn't go wrong and you'll be playing better than ever before you know it."
Anthony Proctor

"Paul is a fun, relaxed, easy going guy who is always entertaining company. He also happens to be an excellent, accomplished, highly skilled guitarist. Luckily, it also happens that he is a very gifted teacher. Speaking from a beginner's perspective, if you want to learn guitar do not even bother looking elsewhere: Unless you are a nascent prodigy, Paul can teach you."
Iain Ager

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